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"To tackle a societal issue this large, we needed to inspire the people who could command change–CEOs. So UEG took matters head on as the creative, production, and operations lead to kick off a mobile tour that focused on raising awareness of unconscious bias and promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

At the end of 2019, the CEO Action Check Your Blind Spots Unconscious Bias Tour executed over 116 unique events over 160 days and reached tens of thousands of people at corporate and university campuses, trade shows, festivals, and conferences like CES, The NBA All Star Weekend, SXSW, and more.

Through a series of immersive and interactive experiences, guests were exposed to the nuances of unconscious bias and were given the chance to learn about the hundreds of companies and educational organizations committed to affecting change toward a more inclusive society.

At the start of the tour, the number of CEO Action signatory count was just over 500 companies. At the end of 2019, that number surpassed more than 850 companies and is still growing well into 2020.

The future of our workplaces sure look bright and more importantly, colorful."

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