JCPenney: Dressing The Draftees


Dressing future stars to the nines on the biggest stage.

"London Fashion Week, the Met Gala, and…the NBA and NFL drafts? In recent years, both leagues’ drafts have evolved into bonafide fashion shows as the next generations of stars look to make a splash.

We’ve helped JCPenney score big at these drafts for five years in a row, most recently decking out an exceptional group of NBA rookies and NFL first-round draft picks in slick custom suits that generated a tidal wave of buzz. Content pieces created in partnership with Bleacher Report shed light on these players’ journeys from college standouts to professional athletes, culminating as they took the stage wearing the freshest outfits in the game.

UEG found a unique way to own the media moment and develop long-term talent partnerships for the brand resulting in an increase in menswear sales and a shift in brand perception. To date, our rookies have scored more than 1.8 billion earned media impressions and over 1.3 billion social impressions with their next-level fashion. First-round pick Josh Allen’s personalized digs were even shared on the NFL’s official Instagram account, and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown was featured by the league as one of their top three best-dressed draftees. Over the years we’ve brought Ezekiel Elliot, Carson Wentz, Buddy Hield, Frank Kaminsky, De’Aaron Fox and many others to the draft red carpet in high-style."

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