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Exploring fans’ golden selves.

There’s an individuality problem in this hyperconnected world of ours, and AXE wanted to do something about it.

Fortunately, we knew a unique individual or two. To help AXE drop their new Gold collection, we partnered with SoundCloud to give fans a chance to let their true selves shine on a brand new track from Lil Yachty and Grammy-winning producer Zaytoven. When Yachty’s “ANARCHY” dropped on social, we challenged fans to write the hook for it and have a chance to feature on the actual final track. Zaytoven shared an additional two tracks that emerging rappers could drop their bars on, with winning submissions getting featured on the official AXE the Label SoundCloud playlist.

We struck gold. AXE the Label received over 45,000 submissions and accumulated the most comments ever posted to a SoundCloud track, as well as the most plays on branded content to-date. Our song was even the first EVER branded track to get featured on SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart and Fresh Pressed playlist. No labels required.

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AXE® Launches "AXE The LABEL" In Partnership with SoundCloud, Lil Yachty and Zaytoven

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